Frequently Asked Questions


What is MarkPlan?

MarkPlan is a model that allows any company to have in a practical and economical way the best Marketing, Sales and Digital Strategy and Plans.

MarkPlan is based on the methods and analysis tools of the leading companies and has been developed by multinational executives, business school professors and experts in digital communication.

Our Team of Consultants will apply MarkPlan to your company, analyze the results obtained from the multiple studies, compare them with our extensive database and develop a Marketing, Sales or Digital Strategy and Plan customized to your market situation to help you increase your Sales and profits.

For whom is MarkPlan?

For any type of company, large or small, industrial or services, that wants to improve its Strategy and Marketing, Sales or Digital Plans in a fast, effective and efficient way, to multiply its results.

What is included in the report you will receive once you have completed MarkPlan?

There are different versions of MarkPlan, so the content of the report will depend on which one you have made.

In any case, MarkPlan is based on a selection of the best models, methodologies and analysis tools and decision-making assistance, which our team of consultants, based on your answers, will apply to your company. Based on the results obtained, we will give you specific recommendations to improve your strategy and action plans in the areas analyzed.

The final report will always include the results of the analyzes, the guidelines to help you interpret these results and the final recommendations.

See example Strategy Report and Digital Marketing Plan

Should the questionnaire be completed fully at one time or can the work on it be divided in time?

It is not necessary to complete the form at once. You will always have an option to save your answers and continue on another occasion.

Each screen will have an indicator of the degree of completion of that part of the questionnaire. It is not essential that you mark 100% as soon as there may be questions that do not apply to your company or market and, therefore, left blank.

When finished, click on the SEND button. In a short period of days you will receive the report with our recommendations to improve your Marketing, Sales and Digital Strategy and Plans.

Download here Instruction Manual for any questions

How long does it take to receive the MarkPlan report?

You will receive the MarkPlan report within a short period of days after completing and submitting the form. Always remember to click on the SUBMIT button provided in the questionnaire.

How can I access the MarkPlan BASIC SERVICE?

You must register, we will contact you to finalize the payment and then you can access the Questionnaire and start filling it out

How can I request MarkPlan STRATEGIC CONSULTING services?

To do this you must give us your Data and we will contact you to arrange a visit.

There you We will explain in detail our Methodology, you can meet our Consultants and assess whether or not our Services are of interest, without any commitment.

How do I receive the MarkPlan report?

You will receive the MarkPlan report in digital format through the email account you registered with. Remember to check it frequently.

Will the information included in the form be made public in any way?


Upon completion of the project, all documentation related to the company, both the completed files and the reports submitted, will be removed from all systems and databases used during the process.

Simply with the aim of increasing the value of MarkPlan, some of the information entered by the user will be incorporated into a database, always under the absolute anonymity of the company. That is, certain parameters will be recorded but never the name of the company or participant, in order to have comparative means.

The use of MarkPlan implies the acceptance by users and their companies of the use of such information in these terms. In case the company requires it and requests a confidentiality agreement between both parties will be signed.